Our vision and values

Our vision

Our vision is for women and men to be equally represented, valued and rewarded in the workplace. 

Our values

We proactively drive positive gender equality outcomes by developing best-practice solutions and inspiring change.

We explore, embrace and create new ways to address gender equality by operating with rigour, flexibility and creativity.

We engage all team members and stakeholders in a respectful and inclusive manner to foster successful partnerships.

Our functions

The Act outlines our functions as follows:

  • advise and assist employers in promoting and improving gender equality in the workplace; 
  • develop, in consultation with relevant employers and employee organisations, benchmarks in relation to gender equality indicators;
  • issue guidelines to assist relevant employers to achieve the purposes of the Act; 
  • review compliance with the Act by relevant employers,  review public reports lodged by relevant employers and deal with those reports in accordance with the Act; 
  • collect and analyse information provided by relevant employers under the Act to assist the Agency to advise the Minister in relation to legislative instruments made under the Act; 
  • undertake research, educational programs and other programs for the purpose of promoting and improving gender equality in the workplace; 
  • work with employers to maximise the effectiveness of the administration of the Act, including by minimising the regulatory burden on employers;
  • promote and contribute to understanding and acceptance, and public discussion, of gender equality in the workplace; 
  • review the effectiveness of the Act in achieving its purposes; and
  • report to the Minister on such matters in relation to gender equality in the workplace as the Agency thinks fit.