WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador Network

Leading employers recognise that pay equity is essential to superior organisational performance, yet pay gaps persist within Australian workplaces.

To drive change in the community, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency works with a network of chief executive officers, heads of department and directors in the public and private sector committed to pay equity and gender equality.   

Pay Equity Ambassadors help to create change by:

  • Playing a leadership role in their business community and to the broader public
  • Reinforcing their commitment to pay equity within their own organisation
  • Profiling and promoting their approach to pay equity


To become a Pay Equity Ambassador, their organisation must have:

  • undertaken a pay gap analysis of its workforce in the last two years,
  • taken action on the results,
  • reported pay equity metrics to the executive and board, and
  • communicated their pay equity initiatives to their employees.

Ongoing commitment

Ambassadors must sign the pay equity pledge and commit themselves to working with the Agency to promote and improve gender equality.  Ambassadors must renew their commitment to pay equity every two years by re-completing the application form and resubmitting it to the Agency.