Prepare for reporting on 1 May

Are you ready to report this year? 2019-20 compliance reports are due for submission between 1 May and 31 July 2020.

We understand the potential disruption that COVID-19 may cause many business operations in the coming months. The Agency will continue to monitor the situation and the impacts it may have on your business. For this reason, we encourage your organisation to prepare and submit as much of your data as early as possible. Please contact us if you are experiencing difficulties.

This year, there are a few changes to the reporting process that we would like you to take note of. 

1. myGovID
Access to our reporting portal now requires a myGovID. If you have not yet obtained your myGovID, we encourage you to:

  • make sure you have obtained your myGovID- to get started go to the myGovID website here.
  • once you have your myGovID, make sure you can login to the reporting portal before reporting commences to make sure there are no problems

2. New Online Reporting System

The Agency is in the process of developing a new online reporting system. We appreciate that the current system can be slow and frustrating to use.

However, there are three things you can do now to keep your organisation ahead of the game:

  1. Login to the reporting portal before 1 May to check your contact details are up to date;
  2. Start to collect and prepare your organisation's data; and
  3. Generate the reporting questionnaire in April - even if you don't complete it in April - by clicking on 'Start or edit report' and then clicking 'Not started' at step three.

To help you this 2019-20 reporting period, we have refreshed our reporting resources on our new website. Take the time to navigate through the Reporting section of our website to see what resources might be useful to you.

Pages you may find helpful include:

  1. Do you need to report? Find out whether your organisation is required to report for the 2019-20 period.
  2. How do you report? Find out whether your organisation has everything it needs to complete its report.
  3. Completing your report. Learn about the six steps to reporting.

You can also search through our comprehensive list of reporting resources to answer all your reporting questions.

We look forward to receiving your 2019-20 report. In submitting this data, you help our Agency drive real change in gender equality in Australian workplaces.

Workplace profile worksheets

These are the blank workplace profile template worksheets for both the unit level and aggregated options to be used to prepare your workplace profile data.

Salary calculator

This calculator helps organisations convert the salaries of casual, part-time, contract or part-year employees to annualised, full-time equivalent salaries for use in the workplace profile.