Gender strategy

The comprehensive WGEA Gender equality strategy suite covers the ‘Gender Equality Strategy Guide’ and the ‘Gender Equality Diagnostic Tool’. This suite will help organisations to achieve workplace gender equality, where people are able to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities regardless of gender.

The Gender Equality Strategy Guide (Guide) equips you with the skills and resources to start and/or continue the change process towards greater gender equality in your organisation. The change process involves evaluating the current status of gender equality in your organisation, planning your organisation’s future gender equality objectives and actions as well as tracking your organisation’s progress over time.

The Gender Equality Diagnostic Tool (Diagnostic Tool) enables and assists any organisation, regardless of industry, size or context across both public and private sectors, to develop a strategy to address and improve gender equality in their workplaces. With 17 gender equality focus areas, the Diagnostic Tool comprehensively covers gender equality within an organisation. Organisations may need to use their judgement to adapt some or all of the key focus areas for their specific circumstances. Small and medium businesses in particular may wish to start with a few focus areas and continue to engage with additional areas over time.