Setting targets

Women are underrepresented at leadership and management levels in Australian workplaces. Progress towards gender equality has been too slow even though there are strong economic arguments underpinning the case for equality. 

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency believes organisations who set voluntary targets are able to set realistic goals, taking into account their specific circumstances and environments. Organisations should be given the opportunity to regulate themselves in this area and, as such, the Agency has developed this target-setting tool to assist employers in setting and measuring voluntary targets within their organisation.

Decorative image depicts an arrow in a bullseye postion

By utilising the target setting toolkit, we believe businesses are well placed to improve their gender equality performance and reap the well-documented rewards: attraction and retention of employees, better organisational performance and competitive advantage. 


To begin using the target setting toolkit, download the set of guidelines below that will demonstrate how to use the target-setting calculator to help you set and meet gender diversity targets: